Nowadays, different types of partnerships are implemented throughout the value chain of a Life Sciences company (from pre-clinical research, over clinical R&D and manufacturing to the launch of a product on the market).

Partnerships are currently seen by key industry leaders as an important element in the development of a new successful Life Sciences business model.

To reach that goal, various challenges must be tackled:
  • Strong governance model to be implemented taking into account the different cultures, strategies, locations, visions, expertise, .. 
  • Effective QA model to be developed with the partners guaranteeing regulatory compliance; 
  • Appropriate tools and the right IT infrastructure ensuring a complete and safe data handling and protection according to the different data standards; 
  • Process compatibility between the two partners that allows easy integration and communication
Key questions
  • Do we have a clear view on why we would like a partner to fulfill a role in our value chain 
  • Where is our organization today in terms of outsourcing and does that correspond with our strategy? 
  • Do we take our strategy into account for the selection of the right partner? 
  • Do we have a sound business model with our partners that addresses operational risks?