Anticipating and managing operational risks

Beyond the context of merger/acquisition, ADVICE ID extends the concept of due diligence to the study of the major characteristics of firms identified as suppliers, distributors, customers, financial partners, representatives and agents.

Your need is to know your business partners, to better understand their business, their internal organization, their commercial and financial history, and their potential economic and political networks in the country.

The goal is to help you optimize your development strategies of industrial and commercial activities, anticipating the risks inherent in any decision to expand internationally through a systematic validation of your potential partners.

Preventing the risk of corruption

The international and national laws to fight against corruption have greatly strengthened in recent years.

OECD Convention on Action against Corruption of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, ratified by 38 countries in the world, including BELGIUM since July 31, 2000, makes corruption of foreign public officials a criminal offense, and includes a number of measures to effectively implement the offense.

In addition, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), in force since 1977 in the United States, and the Foreign Bribery Act, which came into force in July 2011 in the UK, give the American and British judicial authorities extraterritorial jurisdiction which can pursue any business connections with their countries, where it is involved in acts of corruption, either directly or through third parties, with officials and foreign officials in any country.

These texts state that, to defend themselves, the companies must prove they have established "adequate procedures" to fight against corruption, such as internal controls, the appropriate Due Diligence, etc.

The services offered by ADVICE ID also part of this ethical approach to good governance and enable you to assess the risk corruption of your potential partners.

Offers tailored to your needs

To this end, ADVICE ID offers a range of qualitative studies to suit your needs.

Evaluation studies proposed by ADVICE ID :
Offer you the capacity to expand your knowledge of your contacts and business partners, evaluate their seriousness, their honesty and their operational capabilities in the local market. Are invaluable help to the decision for any business leader willing to enter into business relations with foreign economic actors. Secure decision before and allow you to start financial or business negotiations by having a broader analysis of the situation, reducing the risk of possible disappointments.