By definition, the concept of Due Diligence is characterized by "all the measures of control and research of information for investors, helping them to form an opinion on the business activity, financial condition, results, prospects for development, organization and the environment of a company targeted by an acquisition operation." 

Reducing uncertainty 
As part of an increasingly competitive global economy, it is more essential than ever for companies to reduce areas of uncertainty about their changing environment. 

Managing its international development 
To have relevant and adequate information, prior to any negotiation, is a major need to minimize the risk of business failures and financial losses harmful to the survival of businesses. 

A fast growing practice 
This due diligence process is now a fully integrated reflex by German, British, American and Japanese companies who use it routinely to secure their development operations in foreign markets. 

In Belgium, for ten years now, major industrial and financial groups in the BEL 20 also use due diligence in connection with their activities. 

Qualitative studies at competitive rates 
ADVICE ID offers your company the benefit of such services via a range of qualitative studies to suit your needs and to strengthen your decision-making, by an external evaluation of your potential partners. These studies meet demanding standards of achievement, and are offered at very competitive rates.