Consistent Revenue Programme

Advice ID’s Consistent Revenue Programme is a stepwise process to Focus on the best application of your technology in terms of revenue potential, competitive advantage and ease of market access. Build an attractive service framework or product offering. Demonstrate your credibility. Develop an effective fit-for-purpose tactical marketing plan. 

  • Generating consistent, predictable revenue streams seems like an unreachable pipe dream 
  • Sales cycles are often too long, putting a strain on cash - flow 
  • Company’s business development activities seem…random with a poor ROI 
  • Deals are lost to competitors, or just evaporate due to constant Pharma project re-prioritisation 
  • Lack of time to extract yourself from day-to-day operations, or the economic climate 
  • Achieving reproducible sales, a solid pipeline and growth, even in this difficult time 
  • Demonstrate a viable business model 
  • Achieve further investment 
  • Make yourself an attractive to a potential Pharma partner, JV or collaborator
  • Create value for your company and your shareholders 
  • There’s been an assumption that the commercial success will just follow 
  • More importantly than ever before, you need both scientific excellence combined with commercial brilliance to make your company successful
  • Refresh your direct business development tactics, including best practices and improvements to make lead  pipeline management easier and more effective