Advice ID  chooses to focus on leaders who are building world-class companies, preferably with entrepreneurial executives and great scientists in the management team.

We will perform rigorous preliminary diligence process before we decide whether or not we will engage a potential member or customer as our goal is to build a high quality partnership in the Life Science arena.

Many of the factors that we consider during this diligence process are as follows:

Management Market Technology

Management Team
- Historical track record & experience
- Key skill sets
- Financial incentive to keep them in place

Product or Service
- Proprietary
- Therapeutic advantage (drug development)
- High consumer demand
- Ease of scalability

Intellectual Property & Barriers to Entry
- Strong patent protection, know-how or other barriers
- Freedom to operate

Individual Members
- Relevant experience
- Entrepreneurial attitudes
- Good business judgment
- Great motivation and commitment

Business Model
- Makes sense
- Broad customer base or defensible niche
- Ease of distribution

Stage of Technology
- How long before commercialization?
- Effective clinical trial design (drug development)
- Clear regulatory strategy (drug development)
- Established manufacturing processes

Directors and Scientific Board
- Highly respected in community
- Independent thinkers
- Proactive involvement in the business

Industry Structure
- Few substitutes
- Little rivalry among competitors
- Barriers to entry
- Low bargaining power of suppliers
- Low bargaining power of buyers

Partnerships and Alliances
- High probability of partnering
- Broad range of potential partners



Management of Future Innovation
- Robust pipeline
- Platform technology - high chance of
future generation products