Kits and assays are high-value tools for life science researchers. By allowing scientists to work more efficiently while simultaneously reducing the probability of error, kits and assays add significant value to the research process.

The market for such products evolves as quickly as the techniques and equipment around it, and companies serving this market must keep a forward-looking perspective and continuously adapt to scientists’ rapidly changing needs.

At the same time, many older products for routine methods approach commoditization, causing margins to thin. Large, entrenched companies also occupy this space, and dominant brands inhibit smaller companies with less powerful brands from increasing market penetration.

Life science researchers are also quick to develop brand loyalties, having a strong preference for products that have worked for them before. While all of these factors can work against you, with the right strategy you can make it work for you. That’s where ALSAP comes in.
ALSAP can help your kit / assay company form and execute strategies and actionable plans across many areas of your business that will fast-track you to success. Whether your company needs a strong brand, more exposure in the marketplace, better engagement with customers, an improved presence, or has needs across almost any business or marketing function