Laboratory equipment manufacturers face complex problems. Designing a system that is primarily mechanical and electrical to solve a biological and / or chemical problem is often not straightforward. Furthermore, the lab equipment industry suffers from long product development times and large product development costs due to the amount of engineering (and, often, re-engineering) required prior to launching a product. 

In many markets it is difficult to differentiate from competition, and some small-equipment markets approach commoditization. Logistics is almost always an issue, especially with larger equipment. Often a lab equipment company develops a specialization then gets limited to a certain segment of the market from which it is difficult to achieve the desired rate of sustained growth. 

Whether your needs fall into the business or marketing spectrum, ALSAP can provide expert outsourcing services. Regardless of if your equipment is small or large, technologically complex or simple, sells for a hundred dollars a hundred thousand dollars, and regardless of it’s target market, ALSAP can help drive your life science lab equipment product lines to new levels of success. ALSAP can also advise your company on the development of new lab equipment, and match your company’s competencies to unmet market needs. 

Due in large part to the high costs involved in product development, many laboratory equipment companies contacting ALSAP are interested in ensuring that their potential product development projects will lead to the levels of mid- and long-term success desired. Accordingly, our most requested services from laboratory equipment companies are market research, development of market entry strategies, and marketing in support of product launch.