The market for DNA and RNA products, such as custom genes, oligos, plasmids, vectors, miRNA / siRNA, morpholinos, and other nucleotide products is an interesting interface between a traditional product-based marketplace and a service-based marketplace. While the end product is a physical, tangible product, the needs of researchers in genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, and related fields are both incredibly varied and highly individualized and therefore the products are most often made to order. The result is a marketplace of custom products that are sold as services. 

In contrast to more product-oriented market segments, in which companies weigh cost against quality, the DNA / RNA product market allows companies to position themselves on an additional axis – time. Good customer service also becomes more important. However, competition is still fierce, and the fight to gain and retain the loyalty of labs can put pressures on service providers. Managing customer relationships is critical.

Also, differentiation can be extremely difficult since all competitors in any sub-segment are providing the exact same thing. A plasmid is a plasmid, but with ALSAP your company doesn’t have to get lost in the crowd.

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