Innovation Support

Innovation requires more than serendipity or a dedicated R&D team working to develop the next great breakthrough. We firmly believe that high-impact ideas are cultivated by a process that involves key stakeholders and provides a framework for continual advances. Importantly, innovation is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and the model for a company that launches a new flagship product every few years is markedly different than a business built on rapid product introductions.

Advice ID provides the methodologies and tools that senior executives can use to incorporate into their corporate culture, including: 

Concept Creation/"Idea-action"
Institute a process to evaluate new ideas against market demands and opportunities
Establish early-stage gating process to identify, filter and prioritize viable opportunities — and allocate resources accordingly
Map opportunities against overall strategic goals and positioning

New Product Definition and Design
Conduct market research to determine unmet customer needs
Develop and evaluate fact-based business plans to map concepts to market opportunities

New Product Delivery and Production
Transition product blueprint into production while maintaining product integrity, quality and budgets
Provide the experienced project management required to meet development deadlines
Incorporate minor refinements to ensure that the concept meets business case and customer requirements

Product Improvement
Establish benchmarks to guide product enhancement strategies
Implement a product evaluation methodology to quickly filter ideas that meet new product investment criteria

New Product Implementation
Monitor pre-launch quality control
Minimize go-to-market risks through rigorous testing and oversight

Continue to incorporate customer feedback into future product plans
Assess and measure each phase of the innovation life cycle to gauge the true success of an introduction