Corporate Strategy

Advice ID helps companies develop and refine their corporate strategy by assessing their business units, other holdings and the resources allocated to each. We conduct comprehensive analyses to determine how to bolster high performers; we place underperforming companies on a new trajectory for success, and identify operations that are at odds with the overall company vision.

We also help to make the organizational structure changes required to achieve these goals amid budget realities. Based on insights gained through decades of experience, we collaborate with clients to develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value. 

A breakout of our Corporate Strategy service offerings follows:

Portfolio Strategy Development 
Conduct market and product category selection 
Establish resource allocation best practices 
Analyze opportunities to increase shareholder value 
Scrutinize assets for acquisition or divestiture 

Role of Corporate Center 
Conduct corporate center activity analysis 
Clarify roles and responsibilities 
Optimize corporate structure for efficiency, responsiveness and agility 

Competency Assessment
Identify strategic strengths and weaknesses of all parties involved with a potential partnership or acquisition, including the client company and its potential partners and acquisition candidates 
Detailed recommendations for realizing improvement 

Growth Path Definition 
Assess risk/reward of a range of growth paths including organic, partnership, merger and acquisition 
Establish a blueprint to systematize and accelerate the innovation process