Business Unit Strategy

Advice ID provides analysis and perspective on the delicate balance organizations must maintain between driving the overall corporate strategy and allowing individual divisions to proactively address their specific challenges and opportunities. 

In helping our clients achieve this alignment, Advice ID enables companies to ensure that each entity makes the greatest possible contribution to the entire business. 

Our Business Unit Strategy service offerings include: 

Strategic Options 
Conduct a comprehensive business unit strategy review
Initiate rigorous market analysis that focuses on increasing profitability and shareholder value Establish company-wide processes to streamline the innovation process
Prioritize business opportunities based on market opportunities and business priorities 

Untapped Growth Opportunities
Initiate internal audit to identify untapped or underutilized resources
Conduct detailed market research, analysis and modeling to identify unmet customer needs
Gain insight into the drivers and dynamics of a target market and its key players

Drivers of Profitability and Value
Evaluate the costs associated with individual business units and their contribution to overall profits
Compare business unit and company performance with industry benchmarks
Determine potential areas for cost reduction and/or process improvement

Entry Strategy and Implementation
Develop entry and implementation plans across a range of vertical markets and geographies
Identify market dynamics and potential obstacles
Establish clear milestones for measuring and adjusting implementation

Investment Support
Perform primary research, fact-based analysis and quantitative modeling to assess the value creation potential of investment opportunities
Identify factors that can maximize the return on investments
Execute a research-based evaluation of costs and benefits associated with various scenarios
Analyze the potential for maximizing value creation